abode 987096 640Today, there are many websites, like ForSaleByOwner.com that let you list your house for free and avoid paying commission to a realtor. Technology has made it easier than ever to do a lot yourself and many people think this is a good way to sell their home. Does that mean that everyone should do it? Of course not. In fact, for most people, this probably isn’t the best way to go. As tempting as that extra 3% is, there are many advantages to listing with a licensed real estate agent.

As real estate agents are constantly looking at the inventory, they know the neighborhood trends. They can advise you on the best price to list your home, which may not be the price that you first envisioned for your home. Also, they have up to date info on recently sold comparable houses and competing listings.

Your agent is also great to market your home aggressively. They will give you suggestions for staging your home and take professional quality photos to attract potential buyers. Even better, they can vet potential buyers, so that you only have to deal with serious inquiries. This can save you having a multitude of people trooping through your house at all hours.

Real estate agents are also already connected to potential buyers, who are using your agent to help them with their own home search. You and your realtor are on the same side, both trying to sell your home, so they’ll often show your home to their clients before other houses. Realtors further have contacts with other real estate agents, which can help connect them with even more buyers.
Once you reach the offer stage, your real estate agent can deal with the phone tag trying to get in touch with the buyers’ real estate agent. They will present offers to you, and help you come up with counter offers. Real estate agents are expert negotiators, and are a great source of advice for you about what type of counter offer is appropriate.

Finally, your real estate agent is there to guide you through the closing process. Agents are knowledgeable about home inspections. They can help you to negotiate for an inspection, and to interpret the report to figure out what issues are big, and how much they are likely to cost you. They can explain each piece of paperwork before you sign it, to make sure you understand exactly what you’re agreeing to. Closing is the most exciting part of selling your home, but it can also be the most nerve-wracking part. Having an experienced realtor at your side can give you a confidence boost.

Technology has made listing your home on your own possible, but it can be a difficult process. It’s not always easy to find buyers, and the process of selling your home can be complicated. A real estate agent and their team will help you sell your home faster, give you confidence throughout the process, and make sure your comfort is worth the cost.

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